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Experience a Floating Sauna and Breathtaking Views of Northern Finland in Middle of a Lake

Have a sauna experience you will never forget! On floating sauna Rukan Rento you can enjoy the heat of a traditional Finnish sauna, dip for a swim and have a barbeque. On the top floor of the sauna you find the sun terrace, where you can relax and lay on the sun.

Using the floating sauna is easy. The sauna leaves from the harbor of Rukan Rento. The captain of the sauna drives the sauna to buoy 600 meters from the lake shore. The sauna will be parked at the buoy, which is firmly attached to the bottom of the lake. The water depth is around 8 meters. After the floating sauna is parked, the captain leaves and you will be able to enjoy the magical views and heat of the sauna in private.The sauna stove heats up on traditional way, with firewood, so you will experience the sweetest “löyly”, spirit of sauna! The sauna benches fits 5 people at any one time. If you are visiting the floating sauna with a bigger group, others can tan on the upper terrace or enjoy swimming meanwhile. We are happy to answer to any questions about the use of sauna.

We recommend rental period of at least 3-4 hours on the floating sauna to make the most of the facilities. It is always possible to stay longer, should you wish to.The floating sauna is extremely safe to use: it has been built following all the safety requirements stated by law. The sauna has a flushing toilet and a shower which uses lake water. All the sewage is collected to a sewage tank. The electricity is produced by eco-friendly solar energy.

The floating sauna operates between 10AM-10PM.The floating sauna operates on open water season only.

Equipment of the floating sauna:

  • sauna stove heated by firewood
  • dressing room
  • a shower and flushing toilet
  • gas barbeque
  • tableware
  • fridge

The floating sauna is accepted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The sauna has life boats and life jackets for 12 persons. There is also a first aid kit on board.
Use of the floating sauna is subject to weather conditions. In the case of too strong winds or should the customer prefer, it is possible to have a sauna and swim on the Sauna Harbor.

Saunalautta Rukan Rento


3h – Sauna on the buoy 320 €, max. 6 persons 
3h – Sauna on the buoy 390 €, max. 12 persons 
Extra hour 90 €

When you want to book or need more information, please give us a call +358 400 389 621

Weather conditions permitting
In the case of too strong winds or if the customers wants, it is possible to have a sauna and swim on the Sauna Harbor. In that case a 100 EUR discount from the total price applies.