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Activities in Summer

Safe beach for children, a tranquil spot for some sunbathing, boats, fishing tackle, volleyball net and dartboard.

All the magnificent hiking routes of Kuusamo:

  • Karhunkierros Trail in Oulanka National Park
  • the shorter Pieni Karhunkierros Trail
  • the thundering waterfalls Kiutaköngäs and Jyrävä
  • the trails of Ruka, Valtavaara and Pyhävaara
  • Riisitunturi National Park
  • Ristikallio Trail
  • Keroharju Trail
  • Ahmanpolku Trail

For a biker the local roads are diverse and sometimes even challenging. However, the scenery makes all the effort worthwhile. With a bike you can explore the wilderness at your own liking. At Ruka, a breath-taking view opens in front of your eyes from the top of Ruka Fell.

Canoeing on rivers like the Oulakajoki fascinates you for sure. 

Water rafting on a rubber raft on river Kitkajoki is a memorable adventure.

The Summer Sled Track gives you a taste of speed!

Nature photography and bird watching in Kuusamo is an experience beyond comparison!

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